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Ways you can help as a parent

Parental involvement

We encourage parents to be involved in all aspects of your child’s pre-schooling. Open two way communication with the staff enables us to work together to achieve the best for your child. We love you to share information as to your child’s individual needs, interests and your hopes for your child. We also love to hear about any changes occurring, special events coming up or significant happenings for your family. (These often become a topic of conversation for your child and it helps us to have a little background….maybe it’s the arrival of a new pet, a grandparent, friends staying over or a weekend away) You may also like to come in and spend some time with us in the rooms, whether it be to play for a little while or share a special skill with us, maybe you love to cook, sew of play an instrument. The children love to have you visit.


As a Community Based Pre-school a parent committee is essential to our governance and management. Becoming a committee member is a valuable way of not only helping the Pre-School but also getting to know other parents. The committee’s goal is to provide the best possible educational experience for the children. If you are interested in joining the committee please see a current committee member. Names and contact numbers for the current committee members are listed on the notice board in the foyer. You may even like to be on one of the sub committees that we have for both Fundraising and gardening.


Throughout the year you will be notified of numerous fundraising events. All the monies raised go towards buying resources for the Pre-School. Whether it be the fundraising by the teachers e.g. book sale, t-shirts, toy catalogues or events organised by the Management Committee fundraising team, please, if you can, support the cause. Ultimately, the purchases from this fundraising do benefit each and every Pre-School child here at the school. Also, if you feel that you would like to help with the actual fundraising event, please contact a committee member.


With such a beautiful landscaped yard gardening bees are a must to keeping it that way and ensuring it is a wonderful, safe place for the children to play in. If you love to garden you can join the gardening sub-committee and be involved in maintaining the grounds throughout the year (not just at garden bees). We currently have a sub-contractor who mows and fertilises the yard. Perhaps you might even like to have a patch of the yard that you maintain and are able to pop in and do it on days that your child attends.

Collecting / Recycling

Please save margarine containers, egg cartons, cereal packets, magazines, take-away containers, cardboard cylinders, cotton reels, etc. and any other recyclable objects as these all can be used in the children’s craft activities. There is a space provided in the foyer, just inside the front screen door for you to put these items.

Also, if you have some old dress up clothes at home that you are not using they would be most appreciated.

Want More Info?

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Mission Statement

We aspire to uphold the rights of the child, ensuring that we cater to the whole child in terms of wellness and wellbeing and understanding that children have a voice and need to be heard.

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