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Children can be placed on the Pre-School waiting list once they turn two by either ringing, calling into the Pre-School or completing a waiting list form via the website and emailing.

Consideration is made for children on the waiting list with reference to access guidelines and availability of positions. Priority access is also given in accordance with the NSW Government guidelines (Start Strong Pre-School model).

Our enrolment recommendations are as follows:

  • 3 - 4 yr olds – 1 day per week - Jellyfish room Monday, Tuesday
  • 4 - 5 yr olds – 2-3 days per week - Jellyfish room Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Starfish Room Monday - Friday

The priority is given to children who will be entering school the following year, having access to 2-3 days per week (ideally at least 15 hours per week) and subject to availability.

Staff retain the right to use their professional discretion for the allocation of places, taking into consideration age, sex, special needs, siblings, position on waiting list etc (but not necessarily in this order).

Enrolments are carried out throughout the year when vacancies exist. In September and/or October enrolments are conducted for the following year.

At enrolment, parents will complete an Enrolment form detailing family details, medical information, vaccination record (ACIR Statement) any daily medication needs of the child, Medicare number, consent forms and fee agreement. Service providers will be prohibited from enrolling a child unless they have documentation from the child’s parents showing that either;

  • the child is fully vaccinated for their age; or
  • the child is on a recognised vaccination catch-up schedule; or
  • the child has a medical contraindication to vaccination; or
  • the parent has a conscientious objection to vaccination.

Parents also need to provide the child’s birth certificate. Enrolment forms will then be filed confidentially at the Pre-School.

Prior to the commencement of preschool all enrolment forms and required documents must be completed and lodged with the service.

Enrolment forms, medical needs and contact information must be updated as changes occur.

Continuation of enrolment is subject to fees being paid in full before the end of each term. (see Fees)


We host two different orientations:

  • one for parents only and
  • one for parents and children

The orientation evening for the parents of new children attending is to familiarise them with the building, routine, activities and running of the service and committee management. This evening is usually held sometime in November and we do strongly encourage all new parents to attend. The daily routine and program is discussed in detail with parents so they will know what to expect and are able to prepare their children as best they can.

An orientation session is held for children and parents a few weeks later to allow the children the opportunity to have a play at Pre-School and become familiar with the environment. This visit will help them to prepare for their transition to Pre-School the following year.

If you are unable to attend this evening, or your child’s enrolment falls at a mid-year date, the Director can arrange for you to attend the Pre-School prior to your child’s first day and familiarise yourself with the building, program, timetable and so on.

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