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Grievance Policy

Grievance Policy

We welcome parent’s comments and concerns in any area of our work. We encourage parents to speak with us if they have any concerns or comments that may help us improve our Pre-School or our performance. If a parent wishes to make a written suggestion or comment they may use the fees box (located inside left of the pre-school entry foyer.) which doubles as a suggestion box.

Contact details for making further complaints are displayed in the foyer of the service.

  • Families may make a formal complaint and no person will be disadvantaged in any way as a result of that complaint.
  • Formal complaints should be in writing, addressed to the service, including names of the approved provider and nominated supervisor and include the complainants address and phone number.
  • Complaints will be dealt with in strictest confidentiality, with only those who need to be notified to deal with it informed.
  • When an educator or staff member receives a complaint directly, it should be documented by them and passed on to the most appropriate person to investigate.
  • Actions to address complaint will be determined and persons involved notified of these. Resolutions of the complaint will be documented and as a result may form a basis for an area of improvement.
  • The Department of Education and Communities will be notified of any complaint made to the service alleging a breach of regulation within 24 hours of the complaint being made.


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